Actor & Assistant Director Satya - Ramesh Choudhary

In 2008, Ramesh Choudhary did a Film name "Satya" that was his first film as a debut artist and he was selected from audition by Director. Ramesh Choudhary gave his 100% effort for his Dum and Duff character. He was very happy and excited about seeing me on 70mm screening in the theatre. And Ramesh Choudhary can't explain that feeling good.


  • Pushkar jog

Assistant Director

  • Ramesh Coudhary

Star Cast

  • Pushkar Jog, Resham Tipnees, Shrikant Moghe, Mohan Joshi, Smita Gondkar

Assistant Director

  • Ramesh Choudhary

Frequently Asked Questions

Marathi Film Actor Ramesh Choudhary selected for dumb and duff character by audition by director.