Sant Mahipathi Marathi Movie Actor Ramesh Choudhary

This film released in 2009 based on the Sant Mahipati Maharaj and I did his son’s role. Sant Mahipati film based on the Biography of Sant Mahipati Maharaj. This is the first mythological movie in Ramesh Choudhary's life. I played a Sant Mahipati Maharaj's Son Dyaneshwar role in this movie.
When I came the first time in Marathi movie set at that time director said: "you have to cut your hair". I cut my hair before doing it late. In the movie set, I made friends with Actor Prakash Dhotre because I worked with him as an associate director before this movie so he worked in Ghar Sansar serial as a lead role.


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  • Harish Tarade

Frequently Asked Questions

Youngster Ideal and marathi movie actor Ramesh Choudhary played Sant Mahipati Maharaj son's role i.e Dyaneshwar.