Aabanchi Sabha Marathi Drama By Actor Ramesh Choudhary

In 2005-2006 Actor Ramesh Choudhary worked so many commercial dramas, Aabanchi Sabha is in one of them. In Maharashtra, there are so many shows of this drama. There is a tremendous demand for this drama in Jatra. In this drama, Ramesh Choudhary plays the role of comedy Bhai Role (Bekar). At the time of entry, I jumped up and down over the rope (while doing this every time get pain in shoulder but I forget when got clap form audience) and took clap form audience because I listened to best actor Kashinath Ghanekar' so many scenes he got to clap and whistle on each entry. My target also the same.


  • Vinay Sonawane

Star Cast

  • Rupesh Shelar, Ganesh Fadtare, Vinay Sonawane, Damayanti Kulkarni & Ramesh Choudhary.

Famous Dialogue of Rameshsir is

  • अपुनबी लै बेकार , आपुन रडलो नाय ! नुसताच कन्हालो

Frequently Asked Questions

Marathi Film Actor Ramesh Choudhary played Bhai Role (Bekar) in Abanchi Sabha. At the time of entry he jumped up and down over the rope and got clap and whistle from Marathi Audience.